Ask the teacher!

an online exploration of teachers´ ongoing digital skills development.

video by ana haugwitz on Vimeo.

Master Thesis
MA Art Education
Hochschule der Künste Bern
Presented by Ana J. Haugwitz

Nadia Bader
Bernhard Probst

This paper is a multimedia-based document that discusses the meaning of being digitally literate. Using the means of ICT (Internet and Communications Technologies) it  explores some aspects of the chances of ICT use in the education  system, the training of their own digital skills by teachers, their  strategies to acquire them and to teach them, in other words the process of becoming digitally literate. The therefor developed questionnaire wasn’t answered by most of the asked teachers obligating to a further Internet research of ICT use. The motivation of many teachers to use ICT is personal enthusiasm for such tools and the objective to motivate there students to learn with engagement. Another result of this exploration is that their practice often is guided by try and error and  not by scientific criteria. Scientifically guided projects are also  mainly concerned with the use of the equipment and the adaption of  software, while the aspects of security and the problematic sides of ICT use are mostly ignored.


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